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2023-08-04 15:34 CEST

Figuring out Matrix Chat. To make my life harder, I'm of course using the TUI client "gomuks". The whole encryption thing seems a little bit complicated and the version packaged with FreeBSD (0.3.0_6) is a little bit buggy.


I already found my way to the #geminiprotocol:matrix.org room. A lot of people hanging out there. On the same time it seems a low frequency room - I like that!

2023-07-29 20:26 CEST

For the people who still thought that "Web Environment Integrity" is just a proposal and still not officially approved, WEI has already found its way into Chromium:


2023-06-23 02:26 CEST

It seems Red Hat (IBM) goes after Alma Linux and Rocky Linux with a new decision to restrict access to the RHEL sources - which makes it difficult for Alma and Rocky to keep up with their binary compatible distros. Like they killed CentOS which was the most used OS on internet servers. Alma and Rocky told users not to "panic" because they are certain to resolve the issues, but we'll see what impact this has on RHEL clones this time.


2023-06-22 13:56 CEST

Haven't made an update to my gemini site in a while. It's hard to think about some topic to write about. I recently have digged a little into Nix and NixOS but I think this is a huge topic to cover if I want to write about it. I also finally found my way to bbs.geminispace.org. I am sceptical if I'll use bubble in the long turn. On the other hand it's a lot of fun :)

2023-03-19 12:14 CET

After decades of using Linux I finally check out Emacs for the first time - what a rabbit hole. But it's fun to learn some new concepts and OrgMode is really amazing. There is sooo much stuff. At the moment I'm learning to build up my configs from scratch with vanilla emacs (but I installed evil mode) from this tutorial:

Emacs From Scratch (Youtube playlist)

I always thought Emacs is kinda overkill (some people saying it's an OS on top of Linux) without knowing anything! I'll try to develop a complete working environment before I decide if I stay in Emacs or go back to neovim. I'm really fascinated.

2023-02-18 17:08 CET

It's a cold, rainy and dark saturday. A good day to stay in my warm and cosy bed with some X-Files episodes - and leave the heating off to save some money.

2023-02-10 19:56 CET

I'm working on a terminal client to query ChatGPT in python. It's in pre-alpha and I just uploaded it. I'm not sure if python is the right language, but I wanted to get a Mock-up quickly. I plan to add editable configurations, a session system and predefined prompts later. It's nothing spectacular but you can already tinker with it, if you like.

pychatgpt git repo on Codeberg.org

2023-02-04 22:09 CET

NeoVim is the greatest editor I've ever used. Today I switched from Coc to LSP as IDE tool and added the telescope plugin, which is excellent for fuzzy finding in files. A fantastic piece of software. I like it!

2023-01-24 15:56 CET

YAY! After the Verdi strike is over, finally my new gaming PC rig arrived. Just need to get rid of Windows 11 and install Arch Linux and steam and then have a lot of fun! 😃

2023-01-23 02:12 CET

Look! I now have a tinylog! I just implemented it out of curiosity. Not sure, if I post regularly - but now that I've discovered bacardi55's gtl I have an easy way to follow other people's tinylogs.

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