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On monday, 3rd october 2022 I moved my gemini server to a smaller VPS and switched from Debian 11 to FreeBSD 13.1. Here's a list of the most notable software I use on this machine.


I switched from Debian to FreeBSD as my OS for the gemini server. This is mainly out of curiositiy. I want to gain some experience in running and maintaining a FreeBSD machine in the long run.

gmid by Omar Polo

My new gemini server software of choice is gmid by Omar Polo. It is licensed under the permissive ISC license, easy to install and operate on FreeBSD and build with security in mind. Thanks alot!

gmid by Omar Polo

gmid on GitHub (www)

Drew Devault's Kineto gemini2web proxy

Kineto is a gemini2web proxy by Drew Devault. It is written in Go. I use it, so I don't need to convert my capsule gmi files to html. Easy to use and supports own CSS styles. It is licensed under GPLv3. It's also in the FreeBSD package repos, so it was easy to continue using it. In fact, I needed to compile kineto on my old Debian 11 box from the git repo. No need for that anymore thanks to the maintainers!

nytpu's script

I use the script from nytpu to create the index and feed files for my gemlog. It eases my work a lot. It uses the GNU AGPLv3 License.

Software used before October 2022

Drew Devault's gmnisrv

A Gemini Protocol Server written by Drew Devault. It's written in C and provided under the terms of the GNU GPLv3. I dropped this one on my move to FreeBSD.

int80h's gemserv

I don't use this server anymore since its upgrade to the RUSTLS library, because I couldn't find out how to use it with my self signed certificate. I like it a lot and I will maybe switch back to it if the former is solved. It's a gemini server written in rust by int80h with all the features I need. I recommend this server, if you want a gemini server with full features. It is distributed under a free license.

Great software

I want to thank these good people, who wrote this awesome and useful software and made their good work available for free.

All in all - have fun!



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