Welcome to redterminal.org!

My name is fab and this is my Gemini Capsule. Here I put all the things I like to publish or talk about. The foobucket.xyz domain has moved to this one, but it still exists and acts as permantent redirect to avoid broken links.

A site like the '90s?

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fab's Astrobotany Plant

fab's Astrobotany Plant (color)


I really like to receive emails. But be patient for an answer. I don't get notified with a *pling* or something, when new mail arrives. I check my email when I want to. And often I take a day off of my computer. But most of the time you'll get an answer in a few hours.

Email: -fab- <fab@redterminal.org>

Matrix: @fab:envs.net

My Git Account at CodeBerg.org

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