A rare update

I know I don't post very often and I don't really participate in the gemini community. I'm not a very extroverted person and I became really depressed since the russian invasion of Ukraine, although my life hasn't changed that much. I wasn't hit by inflation that hard (yet) and I can still pay my bills. But every day there are more shocking news and escalation. I'm haunted by old fears which I thought were long gone.

But here is a little update - I don't want my gemini presence to vanish completely. It won't be read by many people anyway and I don't consider my content as 'high quality'. Sorry for that, but I'm not much of a writer.

On 3rd october I moved my gemini server to a smaller VPS and switched from Debian 11 to FreeBSD 13.1. This is mostly out of curiosity. I need something different from Linux. And the setup was a fun experience. I want some long term feeling of managing a FreeBSD server. No one should have noticed the change. If you have problems, please notify me.

I also planned to buy a cheap or used notebook for some experimentation with different OSs. Maybe I'll post about my experiences. This won't be high quality content either, but I want to write a little more. You don't need to read it, but don't bother me if I steal 3 minutes of your life if you do. You won't be any more enlightend, but I try to make you not more stupid at least.

All in all - have fun!



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