My new used ThinkPad T460s

Finally I got my hands on a used and refurbished ThinkPad T460s. I got it for ~350€ from an Amazon Seller. After some troubles involving sending the first package back (the laptop was completely broken), I got a fully functional and as good as new T460s.

I was long thinking about getting a new laptop for experimenting and testing purposes, so I don't need to use my daily driver/gaming laptop for this. An older ThinkPad is the ideal device to tinker around in my opinion.

What I mainly want the T460s for is checking out all kinds of free operating systems on bare metal. That will be a better experience than using VMs I believe.

I plan to post summaries of my experiments with these OSes on this gemlog. I will focus on the more unique and outstanding features of a linux distribution instead of writing install walkthroughs. So I won't check the latest Ubuntu or Mint release and concentrate on FOSS operating systems that are not mainstream and more specialized or unique (if I can get my head around them).

I know there is already plenty of IT stuff on gemini and some readers don't like that. But because this is my favorite topic, I'll post this anyway. However, you don't have to read it.

There needs to be a little disclaimer here again: I'm NOT a professional or expert in IT or Computer Technology at all. I'm just a hobbyist although I regard myself as an advanced Linux user. So if there is any misleading or simply false information in my summary, please don't hate me. Instead, send an email correcting my false claims and I'll thankfully correct and update my gemlog post.

All in all - have fun!



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