is now

My capsule has moved from the "" domain to "". I think it was time for a little rebranding.


It is also available through the web with kineto like the old domain:

The old domain is valid until 10th of september 2024. Until this date it will permanently redirect all requests to the new domain to prevent broken links (status code 31). Hopefully this works good enough.

Besides the fact that I didn't like the "" name (I'm not good at naming things), the new domain "" has the advantage that it's more search engine friendly (already got some "web creators"/"SEO" spam after 3 days). Search engines like or didn't accept the old domain. I'm not completely sure why, but I think these judge "xyz" TLDs as spam domains.

My tinylog can now be found here - please update your aggregator if you are interested:


The atom feed is reachable through this address:


If you have ANY problems with this capsule, please, PLEASE contact me at the following email address and tell me what's wrong:

Future plans

I won't make any promises but I want to expand my capsule from being mainly a gemlog to a more unique space. I'm still not sure how this may look like, but it will stay more of a technical capsule because that's where my interests are. I won't comment much on my life, because every day is the same - and it feels good :)

All in all - have fun!



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